My Sister’s birthday is coming up and I wanted to make her something. I decided to see about making her something with some lace ribbon that I bought a while ago stashed in my craft drawer. As usual, the first place I turn to for inspiration is Pinterest. I wasn’t really happy with the results upon searching lace cuff, or bracelets. Most of them required a little more work or other supplies. Sometimes its nice to just be able to use stuff you already have. What I did find on Pinterest got the wheels turning on how I could go about it my own way.

Basically, I had the lace ribbon which I cut off the border on both sides to what I liked and the other lace I had I made look like I ripped it from a dress or old sleeve to give it a rustic touch. I found a button in my stash of knick-knacks I bought in a tostitos jar from a garage sale and grabbed some string and a needle and started sewing it all together.

cuff 2

Here it is all together. Really pretty and simple.


IMG_4567I was going to leave it simple but I had all these wonderful pieces of junk I could use to make it look special so I laid out the options I liked. Mom gave me these owl earring so I decided to steal the chain hanging from them.

Cuff 3

After getting a few votes I went with the bottom option and sewed that on. I tested out the bracelet to see how everything laid. I loved the whimsical feel of it but the whimsical was having wardrobe malfunctions (chain catching on the top and charm flopping over) so I sewed a little more around the charm and added sewed some rings on the bottom to allow the chain to still move but not get crazy town on me.


I got my SIL in on the action too. She created this one using some old charms off of a hat. I didn’t have another button so we had her hubby raid his closet for a shirt that didn’t need one.


We are tickled with the end results and I can’t wait to give my Sister hers. I think she is going to love it.

I still have some lace left and some special charms I have kept back for me. I can’t wait to make another one.

Get crafting people!!!