cropped-springfield_cowgirls.jpgRecently, my husband and I decided to catch an early dinner at a certain steakhouse that was right across the street from a well-known home improvement store. It was around 5:00 and there was no wait on a table. We sat down and waited and waited until someone finally decided to take our order. No biggie. We weren’t in any kind of hurry. We ordered our salads and steaks and went about talking and playing on our phones.  I usually try to stay off of mine when we go out but my husband was busy talking with friends about their upcoming all night fishing trip.

Then there was a hair in my salad. There are few things that really gross me out but hair in my food is my Achilles heel. The waiter acted flabbergasted before by husband told him another salad would be fine to replace mine. A sort of apology and a second salad that I tried to eat… I’m a real  head case on hair and steak was served.

The steak was wonderful and while waiting for the check my husband excused himself to the restroom. Check was paid with a nice tip and we left. We tip well and usually a little more than the average. I’m always amazed at how much eating out costs, but it’s something you have to accept if you are going to eat out instead of at home.

It  wasn’t until we got to the home improvement store that my husband realized that he had left his phone at the restaurant. No problem. I told him I would go get it since it was right across the road. I checked both the parking lots while I went over there and asked the waiter and the manager if they had seen a black Iphone. They both checked the booth and the waiter checked the bathroom and came up empty-handed.

When I reached the car, I turned on the “Find My Iphone” App which has come in handy a time or two. The phone was shown as off. Odd. I placed a lock on it where when it finally would be turned on, it would have to have a password to get into or otherwise only be able to call my phone.

I retrieved my husband and we double checked the parking lots and the home improvement store with no luck. He decided to go back in the steakhouse. The last place I saw his phone was on the table. We hadn’t even been gone 10 minutes. No one had turned it in and it showed it to be off which it had an ample amount of juice to still be on. He went back in and informed the manager that someone had his phone and we would know when it was finally turned back on. The manager seemed pretty intrigued by that news. He left my number for him to call and we left.

Two very unhappy people we were. It happens you leave something behind at least once in your life.

We went to our carrier and had them blacklist the phone which doesn’t seem to do much but make the phone useless and you won’t be seeing it again if it is stolen, but all your information is wiped from the phone.

About 10:30 that night while we are laying in bed, I get a call from the steakhouse. The waiter says he was so concerned about the lost phone that he went and searched for it himself and found it in the home improvement store’s parking lot.

Iphone retrieved… No apologies… Nothing. And when it turned back on my phone notified me where it was.

I don’t know about you but sounds like a bunch of manure.

You be the judge. Do you believe it?

I do have to say, this is another reason why I love Iphones.