She just didn’t get it. She had tried everything to make it known that she didn’t like him and here he was in her living room like he was every Friday night only this night was different. Usually she would be going out on a date with another guy. No. This night she would be going on a date with him.

She grabbed her hair brush and ran it through her brunette hair until it was just right listening to him play his guitar as usual. Her Mother talking up a storm in between each song. She rolled her eyes for the millionth time at her praise. She just didn’t get why her Mother liked him. If she had it her way she would send him packing, but that wasn’t hospitable. You don’t get to be Family of the Year by being inhospitable. She walked into her room to pick out her favorite shirt. He was just a scrawny country boy. He wasn’t popular either. His friend on the other hand was gorgeous which was probably the only reason why she agreed to this. Maybe she would catch his eye.

He played the cords he knew by heart. His Dad had taught him since he was a boy. He was a little more nervous this night than usual. He had finally gotten her to agree to go out with him. He smoothed his hair down and started playing again. He knew she wouldn’t be ready for a few more minutes. Her Mom made him a glass of tea and sat down in her chair to nod along and hum along to the song. He hit a string and realized it was a little out of tune and adjusted it. New strings took a lot of breaking in but they would finally get a little more worn and sound just perfect. Isn’t that just like Love? He didn’t know much about Love. Just what he learned from watching his parents. Love did seem to be like strings. Always needing to be adjusted over time a little more so in the beginning.

Her Mother hollered for her. “Are you about ready in there?”

“I’m putting my shoes on now.” She said followed by her final word. “There!”

She walked in wearing one of her outfits she usually wore when going out on dates. He had always sat here and watched her come into the living room before her date. This time he stood up quickly holding his guitar. She was beautiful just like she always was only this time it was extra special because she was going out with him.