I’m 23 and I graduated form OSU in May with a degree in interior merchandising and I am an assistant store manager for a Kohl’s in Shawnee, but I live in Norman. I love to craft, but never spend enough time doing it. I’m about to adopt 2 cats so we shall see what new adventures these stinkers will give me!

Are your parents married or divorced?
Married for 30 years!

What jewelry do you wear daily?
A ring of some sort, a watch, and sometimes a necklace

Ever have any surgery? If so, what?
Yes, I had my gallbladder removed the day after Christmas when I was 18

Do you color your hair?
Nope! Natural blonde!

Have you ever done anything illegal?
If I had, I wouldn’t tell

What kind of shoes usually?
Toms to work, cowgirl boots, and flip flops in the summer…rarely tennis shoes

Future child’s names?
Catharina Grace for a girl

If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?
I’m going to Paris in February!

Favorite drink?
Sweet Tea