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Ike’s Downtown Pub and Eatery

This past weekend, I went down and saw the parents. The plan was to go to dinner, but as usual we never have anything set in stone until the last second when someone decides to be the voice of decision.

Lather, Rinse and Repeat.

Which I feel like it’s usually me unless someone else has their heart set on something….

After him-hawing around, the car was turned south down back roads towards Okmulgee. In true family tradition, we don’t know what quickest route is, only scenic. Maybe it’s the Sunday driver in us. My Mother isn’t of the same notion. Mama K prefers the quickest route between point A and point B. Dad is more of the pokie one. Which is fine because it explains my pokie-ness.

Ike’s Downtown Pub and Eatery20140729-095116-35476913.jpg

We had passed by Ike’s a couple of weeks ago, when my pocket-book was a little lighter and they were closed for the holiday but this time they weren’t. We parked and rushed to get on the list. Seriously, there was no need for rush.  While there were plenty of cars outside and the place was packed, the wait wasn’t bad at all.

It’s so homey.20140729-095115-35475715.jpg

Stuffed animals line the walls in their glass exhibits as you walk in. A pheasant, an alligator fixing to chomp on a bass, and then a few others like a bear when you walk in. One of the Managers said his mother punched him in the stomach over the alligator. He was a nice guy and kept the place ship-shape.

This guy kept me company while we waited to be seated.


Mom told us on the way there that we were to stay out of her dumplins. It wasn’t until the car ride home I figured out she was referring to the delicious fry bread. It looks like fried donut holes when it comes out with a little sprinkle of powdered sugar. You drizzle honey over it and it’s like a party in your mouth.

Along with the wonderful “dumplins”, we had an app of queso, salsa, and guacamole which was of course wonderful too. The kids really loved the queso.

Medium Rare

When the waitress came and placed our order, my sister and I both ordered the sirloin, medium rare. My parents both looked at us with astonishment that we would order it that way. We were raised to eat medium well, but that has changed. My sister has worked for a steakhouse so she knows how to order and as for me, my philosophy is that if you order it medium rare, more than likely they will cook it to medium and if they cook it any less, it should be perfect… unless its say purple inside. Sirloin tends to be a less tender cook so it’s best to not over cook it.

Dad had the rib eye and it was superb. The give you the au jus or juice to dip it in and it didn’t need it. None of the steaks did. They were seasoned to perfection and were the best steaks we have ever had.

Sided with a salad and sweet potato fries, there was no room for desert. If it had been possible, I could definitely see myself sitting there talking til closing time drinking a beer and just enjoying the atmosphere. A jukebox in the corner playing anything and I do mean anything. I heard a rap song, Dad played a couple of songs by the Eagles, and then Mr. Elvis Presley came on all while we were there.

If you ever have to go through Okmulgee, Oklahoma and are feeling hungry, don’t stop at the many fast food restaurants along the highway. Drive just a little further into downtown, you won’t be disappointed.

Here is their facebook page. The post often and looks like they have live entertainment.

It won’t be soon enough by the time I get to go back…

Thank you for reading,


Downtown Okmulgee. This picture doesn’t do it justice.



All picture were taken by me except the jungle book which I found here.






Twisted Soul Sisters

Twisted Soul Sister Bixby, OK
Twisted Soul Sisters Bixby, OK

A couple of years ago while I was on my way to see Mom and Dad, I noticed that this little store had went in next to the Tag Agency. I probably wouldn’t have even noticed it if not for one this. This gigantic boot had taken up residence in the front. Curiosity had me wondering what the heck the shop was all about but as usual it was during hunting season and we were just too busy to stop anywhere.

Finally Christmas came along and I managed to con my husband into stopping for Christmas gift purposes. It was a little later in the evening so the crowd wasn’t very big and we were able to park in the front. I wasn’t disappointed and knew as soon as I walked in the door, this wasn’t going to be a one time trip.

To give you an idea of how big this place is, it’s about the size of just the dining area in a McDonalds. You wouldn’t think there would be room for anything but if you are a junker like me, you will appreciate the use of space. It is from top to bottom filled with goodies of old and new. Junk and antique jewelry all piled into muffin tins for you to go through. Charms in a case for making bracelets and necklaces. They have a work table set up in the middle to make you the perfect piece, stamped and all. There are also the most beautiful boots in the back of the store.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The first time I went in I happened to just need a nice charm for a necklace I made for my mother-in-law. I found the perfect piece. While I was looking, they set my hubby up with in a rocking chair in the back watching the game and cold beverage in hand. Now that is service!


Over the past couple of years, I have brought friends in and referred family to my favorite little store known as Twisted Soul Sisters. I love seeing the new clothes they get in and they even post them on their Facebook page. I’ve bought some beautiful blouses that I absolutely love as part of my mission to get a better wardrobe. One that shows off my true personality. If my personality was a store, it would be Twisted Soul Sisters.

This last time I got to take Little Britches for her second time and Ashley Oakley for her first. We spent over an hour hanging out and having our very own necklaces made.

Guitar with Wings

If you have kept up with my posts, you would have read about my Grandpa that passed away a couple of years ago. A part of my writing draw inspiration from the things I’ve learned from him along with my experiences. I know my Grandpa wouldn’t like it but I have always wanted to get either a banjo or a guitar with wings tattoo but just haven’t brought myself to do it.

As soon as I saw this little gem, I knew I wanted to have them make me a necklace. A guitar with wings just laid there on the table. It was rustic looking and was screaming my name. One of the ladies who usually is sitting working on the latest piece of jewelry for a customer just happened to be sitting there so I asked her if she could make something. I told her I wanted to somehow put my blog name Kalamity on it or my Grandfathers initial. I told her I trusted her judgment on how to make it.

She cut some enough chain for me to wear it on and go busy making it for me. She punched my name and attached it to the guitar telling me that anything is possible at Twisted Soul Sisters. She then showed me some angel wings that they punch with initials and attached it to it as well. It was perfect. I wore it that night and plan on wearing it for many more occasions.



If you ever come down to T-town, be sure to travel a little further south to Bixby to Twisted Soul Sisters. Just look for the pink boot on the East side of the road. Don’t for get to check out their Facebook page for lots more awesome stuff.


Our Rad Weekend

A Shotgun Girl in Paris


“Take vacations, go as many places as you can. You can always make money, you can’t always make memories.”

I love to travel. Whether it be here in the U.S. or abroad, traveling is one of my favorite things to do. By traveling you get to experience new things, meet new people, and get to know yourself better. The simplest way to put it I love Europe. I’ve been once before and traveled to the Netherlands and Belgium, this time I just visited  Paris France.

Paris is a magical city. I see why it is called the city of Love. I visited this time with my mother, so besides the love a daughter has for a mother, there wasn’t much LOOOOOVE for me while I was there. Mom rented us a VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner) in the Montmartre district of Paris, this is the same area as the Moulin Rouge….for those of you that were wondering.


If you ever visit Paris, this is the way you should go. You really get to experience the city when you do a VRBO and the Montmartre district sits on a hill that over looks the city…some of the views are breath taking….such as this one, which was taken at the top of the hill at Sacre Coure (A Catholic Church)


I really enjoyed this area, not only for the views, but I felt like this was real Paris, not just tourist Paris. There was a bakery right around the corner from us, where we got fresh bread, sweets, and quiche everyday. There were butchers, cheese shops, produce shops, and a small super market, not to mention the 20+ little restaurants where there was outdoor seating even when it was 40 degrees out.

I was very pleased with my interactions with the French people while we were there. Everyone was more than happy and willing to speak English with us as long as we started off speaking French to them, a simple Boujour, would do it and then they would realize we spoke English. Although I was told my French was too bad.

The food in Paris was Amazing. Everything is fresh. My cousin (who lives in France) was telling me that in Paris restaurants can not use Frozen food, which is regulated by the government (why don’t we have this in America?). We never had a bad meal, some were better than others, but overall no complaints on food. One night mom and I got a little adventurous and tried a big old pot of Mussels. Image

Most dinners we shared, because even in France portions are too big, plus everything is more expensive there. This night we each got an Onion Soup (soooo Good) and then shared the mussels.

I studied Interior Merchandising (the business side of Interior Design), I have a love for furniture and architecture, so when a lot of people are looking in the windows, I am looking up. Paris is filled with amazing architecture and history. One of the most beautiful places we went was Versailles.


Far too much money was spent on this Hunting Lodge (The original use of the land), but it was one of the most magnificent places I have ever seen. Maybe if the Monarchy hadn’t spent so much money on the palace they might not have ended up dead with their heads cut off, but either way it was awesome (in the true meaning of the word).

Of course we did all the tourist things, saw the Mona Lisa, went to the Effile Tour, went to the Arc de Triumph, Notre Dame, and took a stroll down the Seine, but set all those things aside and Paris was amazing. At the end of the week I did not want to leave. If you ever have the time and the money my best advice to anyone is to experience the world. Just pick a place and go explore.


-Ashley Oakley

A pole barn and a band

Hey y’all, Little Britches here! I know it’s been a while but I’m hoping to make it up ya!

Last night the hubs, myself, and his cousin Jaron all went out to a little concert. The band was called The Mulligan brothers, and they did not disappoint.


Check out their website:

From the guitarist with awesome vocals, to the fiddle player that rocked Seminole Wind better than the man John Anderson himself, these guys were fantastic!


Check that out! That’s a suitcase bass! A bass…. Made from suitcases! Y’all it was sweet, and could he play!

Not only did these guys put on a great show, they were super friendly! After they played 2 sets they were happy to hang around and talk with everyone. I’m happy to say I picked up a cd and even got the band to sign it!

The venue is called The Bottle Cap Barn located in Edmond, OK. It’s an old pole barn built out behind Hubs boss’s house. They host live gigs about once a month. The hubs and I go as often as possible because the scene and shows are usually pretty dang good.

Be sure to check out the band, and you can find more info about The Bottle Cap Barn on Facebook!

Happy listening y’all!
Little Britches


~Ashley Oakley

Moulin Rouge (taken yesterday)
Moulin Rouge (taken yesterday)
Spending the day at Versailles today.
Spending the day at Versailles today.

Jusqu’à la prochaine fois. (Until next time.)


Ashley Oakley

The Pink Pistol

Recently while traveling to a wedding in southern Oklahoma, I saw a sign that caused my Wild Heart to skip a few beats. What did it say, simply, Tishomingo 31 miles. I squealed out loud, much to Daddy R’s surprise. After a few bats of my eyes, then five little words, Miranda Lambert’s Pink Pistol Store, I had the golden ticket to take a much deserved little detour. See Daddy R’s got a thing for that Pretty Feisty Blonde, add in that voice, well, he’s all in. I was so excited, I did make one slight error on my path. I called that ungrateful daughter (she knows the story) of mine, Katy, the Little Heifer. I thought I would share with her my excitement. To my dismay, I was called several unpleasant names, one started with a B, followed by threats to my wellbeing. She “niced” right up after I promised a T-shirt at the very least. I was secretly snickering. I knew it would rile her up. Back to my adventure. **
My My My!!!
My My My!!!

 Next thing I knew, we were at the crossroad of main street Tishomingo and US Highway 377. I looked off to the left and there were the pink and white awnings of The Pink Pistol. Woo Hoo!! It was a site to behold as we pulled up in front of the store and out walks six burly brawny black-clad gents all sportin’ black cups with pink straws in one hand and pink shoppin bags in the other. Sign me up.

Now walkin’ into the store was like a trip back in time, an amazin’ mixture of Candy Store, Soda Fountain and Mercantile. There was every kind of old time candy that my childhood was filled with, some were even before my time. Next my eyes lit on the soda fountain that offered a true walk down memory lane. While I took off to look at all of the goodies that the store offered, Daddy R ordered us up a Hot fudge Sundae and a Dr. Pepper. Heaven. Took me back to the old drug store in Downtown Bixby, Oklahoma, except pumped up with some killer tunes.

As Daddy R sat at the counter enjoyin’ his sundae along with the pretty Brunette behind it, I searched the aisle for the perfect gifts for, “the Little Heifer”, her sister Red, another Shotgun Girl and a couple of ornery Sons-in-Laws. To my delight, I found in the middle of the clothing section, a wonderful lil’ Gazebo decked out with a chair fit for a Queen. The perfect spot for a special photo op to commemorate a shoppers visit. Mamma not being of the photogenic type had a quick sit, but ducked out before Daddy R got the camera ready. Who says Mama can’t get her fast on? Back to shopping… After a cornucopia of t-shirt and hoodie styles and designs, I found the perfect purchases for my crew. If Daddy R hadn’t been taggin’ along, Mama would have gone out sportin’ some new boots.


 The Pink Pistol offers some blingin’ unique styles that you can’t just find anywhere. Mama loves some bling. I sauntered around the store into the back corner where I hit the Son-in-Law load in Blake’s corner. I found some Special Shit. No, really. That’s what it is called, special seasoning made for your meat or whatever. Mama ain’t just talkin’ naughty. There was a whole lot of different Shit to choose from hot sauces, dip mixes, bar-b-que sauces and more. Perfect for the Sons-in-laws in my life. Blake’s corner actually offered just about anything that would make your man smile. Daddy R even got caught shoppin’ the corner himself. Shockin’ but true, despite the jealousy in his heart toward Blake over his woman, just sayin. Love ya, Daddy.

After Blake’s corner, I found myself searchin’ through the coffee and giftware section that had nostalgia everywhere. Many of the gifts offered where versions of all the classic items that take you back to Grandma’s table, well my Grandma’s table, after all I was born in the 60’s. (Special Note: The 60’s lasted 10 years, I ain’t sayin’ early, mid or late. I’m younger at heart than the date suggests.) There were Recipe Books, Kitchen Wares, Coffee’s, and Mugs, everything for gifting with that special touch. They also had a section of toys from my youth, the ones we all should have never lived through because they weren’t covered with warning and such. I could have stayed for hours, but at last Daddy R was startin’ to grumble so, I headed to the front, but not before Mama picked up a Pink Pistol key chain and sticker for her truck.

Mama K's New Tote and her blingy purse.
Mama K’s New Tote and her blingy purse.

 After chattin’ with the Counter Girls tellin’ them about my Shotgun Girls, I was tickled pink that I was walkin’ out with my very own eco-friendly Pink Pistol shoppin’ bag, (Free with my purchase over $50.) in one hand, a Pink Pistol cup with a black straw in the other hand and a wild crazy kinda smile on my face. Over all, I would give the Pink Pistol, a 5 Shotgun Shell rating. The girls behind the counter were pleasant, helpful and friendly. The store was filled with a little something for everyone young and old. The energy of Miranda and Blake was evident everywhere you looked. Miranda’s store is definitely worth getting off the beaten path. Take a couple of hours and detour off the four lane. You won’t be disappointed. It’s not the detour that will take you so long, most of your time will be spent reflectin’ on days gone by, laughin’ out loud, dancin’ in the aisles and just plain not wantin’ to leave.. .

 Mama thinks that since “the Little Heifer” took me to the Pistol Annie’s concert in Durant for my Birthday in 2012, that the Shotgun Girls should plan a fall trip around the end of September and help me celebrate another spoke in my wheel. Who knows maybe Miranda could even stop by?

 **Extra Special Note: No Ungrateful daughters were harmed in this piece. “The Little Heifer” and her sister, Red are the only ones allowed to bring out the B’ word, to Mama, but only in just. If they were serious they might not have lived, we have a special unique laughing loving relationship. As for how they became ungrateful daughters, I might be persuaded to tell, depends on how many ask. Love all my Shotgun Girls, Mama

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